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29th September 2019 / / Games
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11th June 2019 / / Games

Disclaimer: I don’t claim to have the best mods. Or the newest mods. Or some secret mods. I just have mods and most of them are pretty well known. But if one of you can find something in it, writing it was worth it. I’m trying to categorise the mods a bit.

1st April 2019 / / Games

Marie’s Room is a lovely made, short and free to play exploration game about a weird friendship between two very different girls from the indie game studio like Charlie.

5th March 2019 / / Games

Vampyr is an atmospheric game by game developer Dontnod about Dr. Jonathan Reid, who wakes up newly turned in a mass grave in a plague ridden London in the year 1918. Read more if you’ll find out if it i s worth playing.

6th January 2019 / / FanFictions

You all know these moments when you sit in front of your screen, desperate to find something to do, right? You start a game, only…

27th September 2018 / / FanFictions

It is the first time since the events of Ziost, that business brought her back to Coruscant. She isn’t very fond of this planet, but someone else is excited to meet her.

23rd December 2017 / / Games

Year Walk is a dark, eerie, short game based on the old and mostly forgotten Swedish tradition Årsgång.

14th December 2017 / / Games