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I love Cyberpunk. And Steampunk. And Dieselpunk. And a mix of all those punks together, which can be found in the Iron Seas series from Meljean Brooks. Buuuuuut… *takes a deep breath* …that’s not what I wanted to talk about or show you today. Sorry.

Today I want to introduce to you (well, chances are you’ve heard of her already) to Anastasia and her wonderful cyberpunk versions of Disney princesses.

First time I stumbled upon her work was when I searched for pose references. But I stayed not only for those, but also for her great tutorials and – of course – art.

I could go on and on about how amazing her work is, but you would probably get tired of it very soon. Let her work speak for itself then. Which is definitely a better thing than having me babbling. 😉

You can find Anastasia and more of her work on Deviantart, Patreon, Youtube, and Instagram. Go, hit those watch/follow buttons. She has a lot more gorgeous art and not all is Cyberpunk.

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