CPS Poses

My dear Jes, you asked. 😉 I could have gone with the short version, which would be…


Clip Studio Paint comes with prebuilt poses of all sorts.

… but where would be the fun in that? Seriously.

Still, in case you’re not in the mood to read all this stuff (it isn’t much really), here’s the link to Clip Studio. You can try it out for 30 days, and if your register an account, your have no restrictions, at all. Neat, hu?

Material Library

CSP comes with a neat Material Library and offers even more, a lot of stuff for free. Background, small effects, and… yes, poses. (Keep in mind that the tools origins are Manga/Anime though.)

We want the 3D folder

To be precise: body types and poses. Here you can get full 3D pose dolls (the upper two are the new ones, haven’t worked with the old ones below). The next folder below the body types says “Poses”. Giddy yet?

Full body poses AND hands? I mean seriously, how awesome is this? Hands! I hate hands. Maybe now I find a way to work with them.

And how do they work?

That I had to figure out myself yesterday, because every pose I dragged onto the canvas was… male. Not that I’m against males, but that can result in weird proportions, especially when you no pro yet.

That’s why first we go back to body types, chose male or female and drag the doll onto the canvas.

Now we have two options to work with them. Number one: you go back to the poses folder and simply drop the pose of your choice on top of the doll.

Or, more complicated and needs some getting used to if you never worked with 3D programs before, you can adjust your doll all by yourself.

And if you’re lucky, you can get a wedding pick without spending hours in search for the right pose. Though I did spend hours on the research for dress, suit and hairstyle. Ah, well, it was for a special occasion, right?