A Tale of Two Sons

Brothers is a sweet tale about friendship, family, growing up and loss.

I promised you something more cheery this week, but I honestly don’t know where to start. This game brought so many emotions to the surface and I can’t share even half of them because it would spoiler the story. So let’s just say that Starbreeze Studios created a wonderful game about love, life, hope, cohesion, growing up, moving on and death itself. And it will make you shed some tears, if you’re not some heap of stone.

The story begins with a father, who’s gravely ill. His two sons drag him to a medico, but hopes aren’t in their favor. Since they already lost their mother, the sons won’t accept that and so he sends them on a journey to find a rare medicine, that could save their fathers life.

Brothers is a co-op game. Did I hear “And why have you tagged it single player then”? Because it is both. You control both brothers simultaneously. Which can be quite the torture, if you don’t have a controller, but it is manageable. I’m proof of that. So, don’t let yourself scare off by the controller notice on Steam. You fingers will hurt, but it’ll be worth it.

This game will lead you through a wonderful (and sometimes pretty scary) landscape. You will make friends, maybe some enemies. All of that without actual dialogues. Talking in a fantasy language, the game delivers emotions and premise not with what is said but how. It is so amazingly done that, even if you’re a tiny bit confused at first, you won’t notice it after a while.

If I should name something negative about that game, it would be the controls IF you DON’T use a controller. And maybe that it is pretty short. If you don’t look left and right, you can beat the game in about three hours. I’ve encountered only one major bug, but that one seems to be consistent. It does not render the game unplayable though. You will just need five more minutes if you encounter it. Otherwise it ran rather smoothly, as long as I didn’t tried to make screenshots via Steam. Fraps worked just fine. The game didn’t like the Steam overlay in general. *shrugs*

The puzzles in the game are not really a challenge in itself, but in the way you have to solve them with both brothers doing different things. At once.

If you now think that a game with only three hours of fun is a waste of money, well… that’s your prerogative. To be honest, I’m not sure if I would have spent € 15 for it. But it’s often on sale, especially at GOG and Humble Bundle. 😉

How about you? Played ‘Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons’ already? Liked it or hated it? Feel free to leave me a comment below and tell me all about it. Read ya next week here or on Twitter whenever you like. Until then: Have a great weekend.  *waves*

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