A mad, dark journey

Downfall is very similar to its prequel The Cat Lady, about which I wrote last week. It’s absolutely strange and weird, with a similar art style, this installment is about a pretty bad mental breakdown.

Here we go. Almost forgot it, to be honest. So much on my plate this last week, plus the emotional roller coaster in swtor. When I realized it’s Thursday already… panic mode. But I work quite good in panic mode, so… let’s talk about Downfall.

While The Cat Lady dealt with depression, suicide and the meaning of living – in a way – Downfall is about a mental breakdown. Remember Joe? That guy living across Susan with the weird bathroom door? Yeah, you will learn what that’s all about. His mental breakdown is tied to the mental health of his wife, Ivy, which suffers from anorexia.

Joe loves Ivy, and there’s nothing he wouldn’t do for her. And if I say nothing, I mean nothing. Just for the record. To save their marriage, they travel to a nice, little hotel (Hotel? Does that ring a bell?). But as soon as they arrive, things goes downhill. During the first night, Ivy disappears and he’s willing to do anything to save her. ANYTHING! This, together with the gore tag, should give you an idea of how messy it gets.

What you do throughout the game has an impact on the ending. Choices you make, things you find. Everything leads you to one of three endings. One is the so called “Golden Ending” (I was so close), which is the best possible outcome. Then there’s a normal, boring one. That’s the one I got, of course. And – last but not least – the “You fucked up completely” ending, called – how’d have though – “Downfall”.

The graphics changed, it’s more Sin City, less crazy 80s, but the… let’s call it feeling stays the same. The clunky inventory bar is gone. Yay! But as pixelated as TCL because of the max resolution of 800 x 600, like it’s predecessor. I still can’t quite wrap my head around that, because those games are relatively new. Downfall is from 2016. I’ve heard the next instalment finally can display higher resolutions. Yay! However, if you can get past that fact, that game is as good as the first one.

The music in the game is once more weird, crazy, beautiful and matches the mood in the game perfectly. Period. There isn’t more to say except, play it, listen to it, love it.

I’m not quite sure what it says about me personally that I love these twisted, mad, brilliant, messed-up, gory games like The Cat Lady or Downfall. I mean, it’s not the gory part by itself, but the mind games. Things you feel made reality. No, not reality, but brought to light. The monster that is anorexia. The monster that is body dysmorphic disorder. Sadness. Guilt. All these things aren’t nice, especially not when you have to live with it. These games display them, but not in a romantic way like we see sometimes in media. They show them as what they are. Ugly, twisted monsters who feed on your very life essence until…

Never mind.

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I hope you enjoyed reading this little piece. And maybe, if you buy and play both games – you should start with The Cat Lady because prequel – leave me a message on Twitter, Facebook or here in the comments, if you liked it. Or if you have questions. Or if you just want to talk.

I’ve mentioned earlier that there is a third game in the making. Lorelai. Release is Halloween 2018. Another 13 month, but if it is as good as the first two games it’s worth the waiting.

I will pick a more “cheery” game for next week. For those who don’t like the horror genre. I have already one in mind, but I’ll go through my list again, so it’s not final yet. Read ya next week.

More links: Downfall on Steam, Humble Bundle, GOG and Metacritics. You can listen to the soundtrack on Spotify.

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