Part 2 of “The Longest Journey” Saga

Ten years after the events of The Longest Journey, things changed, in Arcadia as much as in Stark. Follow Zoë on another fantastic journey through both worlds.

I don’t know if anyone of you is actually waiting for this… I’m truly sorry for messing it up. Forgot to finish the post on Sunday because I actually forgot that it was Sunday. Yes, even after doing the Datacron run with my swtor guild, which is always on Sundays. Sometimes my brain is just death jelly.


In Dreamfall (or Dreamfall: The Longest Journey, but that is just confusing, so I keep calling it Dreamfall), taking place ten years after the adventures of April Ryan in The Longest Journey, you play as Zoë Maya Castillo, a drop-out student, living together with her father in Casablanca, a city-port in north-western Africa. Her… let’s call it apathetic life is disrupted by a weird white noise on the television and the voice of a child, telling her to save April Ryan. She hasn’t much time to think about it (or to creep out), because her former boyfriend and still good friend Reza vanishes. Zoë is determined to find him and somehow stumbles into a world she didn’t know existed.

On the search for Reza, Zoë meets a lot of new characters, but also old acquaintances of April. She visits a changed Newport, meets Charlie and Emma at the (also very changed) Fringe and even travels to Japan. Plus Zoë can visit Arcadia, too. She’s not a shifter like April, but… she can get there under specific circumstances. This means she’ll also meet Crow (Yay!), an old man from Stark, a dragon and even April Ryan, who stayed in Arcadia after the events of The Longest Journey.

Funcom changed the gameplay in Dreamfall in multiple ways. The first and most obvious one is the change from point-and-click to third person view. And with it to awfully and clunky controls. Don’t know if it was a bug in my game, but the x- and y-axis were swapped which drove me crazy in the first game minute. Checking this and adjusting the mouse sensitivity should solve most of the problems though. Needs a bit to get into though.
They also thought that a combat system would be a great idea and… screwed it up. It’s awful. Period. Only good thing is that the game autosaves right before the combat starts, so you can just load and try again. And again. And again. Or maybe I was just too stupid for it. Who knows. There are very few combat situations though (which renders it absolutely obsolete and a horrible idea), so it won’t frustrate you to the point at which you want to throw the game out of the window. Just bite through it. The story is worth it.

The third change is the amount of characters you’re playing. While the main character is Zoë, the game will occasionally switch the point of view to one of two other characters, namely Kian Alvane (attentive birdies may have heard his surname already) and yours truly, April Ryan.

While the first game had a conclusive ending, the story of Dreamfall ends somewhat sudden and incomplete. Let’s be glad that Chapters is already out and that we don’t have to wait ten years to play the rest of the story. Must have been awful. *shudders*

Despite the clunky controls and awful combat system (which doesn’t deserve the name at all), the game does score with the story and characters, just like the first one. Zoë is a lovely, young lady, struggling to find her place in life. Kian Alvane, a young warrior and patriot, who will be branded by the events in Dreamfall. And April Ryan, who isn’t our April any longer. The last ten years in Arcadia changed her. Only Crow is still the same and, let’s be honest, we wouldn’t want it any other way.

[otw_shortcode_quote border=”bordered” border_style=”bordered”]Zoë: “It was nice chatting with you, Crow. It’s been very informative.”
Crow: “Glad to help, doll.”
Zoë: “Doll?”
Crow: “Um, I mean ‘independent and self-reliant female person who’s not an object to be ogled or used solely for my own personal amusement and pleasure’.”[/otw_shortcode_quote]

I’ll finish the saga on Sunday (*fingers crossed*) with a lot of Kian fangirling. He’s my number one gay crush. Sorry, Dorian. While not as outstanding in Dreamfall, he is simply amazing in Chapters. Not sure if the change of his voice actor (more about that later) has anything to do with it. *cough* Nicholas Boulton *cough*

While waiting about the next part (and for the fact that it is Halloween), how about having a look at my older posts like The Cat Lady, it’s sequel Downfall and Get Even. All three games fit the Halloween theme a bit better than Dreamfall. 😉

Until Sunday. Happy Halloween!

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