Get Even

A girl, a chair, a bomb

How reliable are your own memories. We all would swear that what we remembered is what happened, right? Maybe we shouldn’t be so sure about that.

That this game appeared on my radar was pure accident. Husband forwarded a pre-release article about it, because he thought it could interest me. When it was released in June (a month later as it should, due to the Manchester bombing) I still had some birthday money left and gave it a shot. And I don’t regret it at all.

You are Black Cole. You were out to save a girl, who was kidnapped. But now you’re in an old, abandoned Asylum with a strange device on your head and a voice. Telling you to venture into the depths of your own memory to find the truth. But can you trust your own memory? And what’s the intention of the voice? Who is this voice? Starting to question memory, reality and everything around you, you will find out, what happened. Eventually.

The polish game developer studio The Farm 51 created with Get Even a psychological thriller with an amazing story, wonderful voice acting and probably one of the best game soundtracks I’ve ever heard. Olivier Derivière, who made the music for games like Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag, Remember Me, Obscure II and the upcoming Vampyr, created something magical here. The music in the game is alive. It breathes. It envelopes your mind, gets on your nerves, makes your blood pump, relaxes. Whatever the game wants it to do, the music delivers.

You will get to points in the game, where it doesn’t make any sense at all. Moving mannequin dolls? With red glowing eyes? What the fuck? The mad hatter? Is your mind playing tricks on you? And why is that guy only missisng since 2007 but here since 1993? What is real and what is not? Don’t try to make sense of it. Lay back, relax and let the story come. It’ll be worth it.

There is a room from which you can access memories you’ve already played. Find all collectibles and you get even more background information on the story. Again: worth it.

But let’s be honest. I can be honest with you guys, right? Get Even is not a perfect game. Especially the stealth system could be improved. Stealth melee attacks aren’t non-lethal (something I found out the hard way), which makes getting around enemies (yes, there are enemies inside your memories) much harder. I gave up at one point and just shot everyone I came across. Like the bad ending better anyway.

Get Even left me with a knot in my stomach and things to ponder. If you’re willing to give this underappreciated gem a chance, I’m sure it will have a similar impact on you. If you play it – and that counts for everything I blog about – let me know if and how you liked it. Here in the comments or get in touch on Twitter. I really love to hear everything about it.

Get Even on Steam, Humble Bundle and Metacritics.

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  1. 2nd October 2017

    I’m terrified just looking at those pictures. It sounds very creative but I’m not sure it will be my style. However I will definitely tell others about it because it looks very interesting. *hides under blankets*

    • Mel
      3rd October 2017

      It has a ‘gentle mode’ to dampen the scare jumps (thank the stars). But I really like these ‘dark old asylum with horrible secrets’ kinda setting. Most parts of the game don’t take place in that asylum though (funny that I didn’t make screenshots at those places), but it is one of my favorite ingame places. Creepy and freaky. 🙂 Thanks for spreading the word. *hugs*

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