Just another Skyrim mod list

I was bingeing Skyrim SE these last weeks and of course I’ve modded the hell out of this game. I’m pretty close at the 255 mark right now. Send help! Anyways, I asked on Twitter a while ago if anyone would be interested in my mod list. Some of you were, so here it is. Just another Skyrim mod list.

Disclaimer: I don’t claim to have the best mods. Or the newest mods. Or some secret mods. I just have mods and most of them are pretty well known. But if one of you can find something in it, writing it was worth it. I’m trying to categorise the mods a bit.

There will be an adult section at the end of this post that’s pretty kinky. I’ll put a red line and a warning between the ‘normal’ and the ‘adult’ mods, so you can just skip them if it isn’t your cup of tea.

Update 17.06.2019:
Added some mods (bold) I’ve discovered over the last days and deemed worth sharing.


Let’s go. All links should open in a new tab, so you can just click one for later view and continue to browse the list.

Meshes and Textures

Body, Face and Hair

Armor, Weapons and Clothing


Immersion, Gameplay Changes

Player Homes

User Interface

Skills, Perks and Magic

NPCs, Follower and Kids

Quest and Story Mods

Patches and Bugfixes

Stuff that didn’t fit elsweyr

Adult Mods – CW: BDSM, Slavery, Assault/Rape

Naughty Things

[1] BDMS
[2] Assault/Rape
[3] Slavery
[4] Frameworks, need other mods to function
[5] Deviously Cursed Loot is an “all in one” package, that includes bondage, assault/rape, prostitution, dangerous nights and slave quests. If you’re thinking I could do with only the bondage part: Cursed Loot is highly configurable, so you can deactivate everything you don’t like and keep the parts you’d enjoy. A warning though: Cursed Loot can be a pain in the ass. 😉

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