Marie’s Room

Let’s be honest. There are a lot of shitty games on Steam. Like oh my god… so many. Especially since they’ve let all that porn stuff in. Ugh. And that does count even double for games that are free to play. But every now and then one stumbles upon a gem in all that shittyness. And I want to tell you about one such game today.

Disclaimer: Nope, this isn’t an April’s fool. 😉

Marie's Room, a short, free to play exploration game on Steam.

Marie’s Room is a short first person exploration game by Dagmar Blommaert & Kenny Guillaume, founders of the Belgian indie game studio like Charlie. It has a “Life-is-Strange” vibe to it, without the magic thingy and a lot shorter. It takes around 30 to 60 minutes, depending on how perceptive you are in finding all the objects. Which means it took me longer than the average. 🙈

You play Kelsey, who wants to grab a notebook from Marie’s Room. After interacting with the notepad, you are magically (okay, maybe a bit magic) transferred into a time when Marie’s Room was not filled with boxes containing a life long past. Searching around, interacting with items in the room, you’re told a story. A story about a weird friendship between two very different girls.

The story is in my opinion very well told. Some say it has a big hole at the end, but it was nothing my imagination couldn’t fill out. The graphics are lovely, with sweet voice acting and wonderful ambient music. All in all it is a very well made game for a rainy Sunday afternoon, fitting neatly in between action loaded games, when one needs some quiet.

And yes, it is completely free. No catch. Just install it and enjoy it.

Until we read again. 💋

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