[Spoiler] Crisis on Umbara

Thoughts on swtor patch 5.4

My thoughts after playing through Crisis on Umbara, which left my Smuggler very… let’s talk about this after the spoiler line, shall we?

Disclaimer: This post contains my thoughts on a certain… element of the ‘Crisis on Umbara’ story. That means it will have major spoiler. So… if you don’t want to get spoilered, please take the exit on the right. Or the left. Top or bottom are also possible. There are cookies and coffee to go. Thanks for coming.

So, let’s start, hu? If you’re still here that is. I’ll begin with a story.

I remember when a certain wizard with black, greasy hair killed another white haired wizard on top of a tower. Most people were convinced that he’s the bad guy. That he always was the bad guy. That they were always right. And then there was a more silent group. One that sat in the shadows, silent. Mourning. For both wizards. Trying to figure out what the fuck just happened. And in doing that, they dug deeper. Read it again and again. And they found what they were looking for. There, between the lines were all the evidence they needed. So they theorized, debated for hours until a story were formed. An explanation for the murder at the tower.

What followed were about two years of defending their theory against the ‘heathen’, getting louder and more follower along the way. They called themselves proudly ‘Dungeon Sister’ and ‘Snapeoholics’. We wore the colors of Slytherin with our heads up high. And we’re still in contact in our nostalgic group “We have stuck with Severus Snape until the very end”.

However, when the following book was released they… okay, WE couldn’t wait to find out if they we were right. And… we were. It was actually a bit scary HOW right we were. I mean it was just some fans theorizing, but we predicted about 90% right.

I think one reason I didn’t like Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was because I knew a huge part of the book already. Plus some unworthy deaths (Hedwig anyone?) And I still hate the “Snape loved Lily” thingy, but nothing can be done about that now. Oh, and I really wanted to vomit when Harry told his son that “He was named after two headmasters of Hogwarts” and that “one of them was a Slytherin and the bravest man he ever knew.” That was a bit over the top.

But… I digress. One of my favorite pastime. Ever. What I wanted to say/tell you is, that I’m once more in a situation where I need to spin theories around a characters storyline to somehow process what the hell happened. I mean, seriously? What the fuck? It still stings. Last time that I’ve felt as heartbroken as I do now whas after I’ve played my Solasmancer. And that wasn’t so bad because I already new the end and Solasmancer isn’t my “main” and “head canon” for Dragon Age: Inquisition. This time though. Recovery will be slow. And I haven’t even played it myself. May the Force be with me, when I do.

But… #BelieveInTheron #TrustTheron

There… I’ve said it. I love him, I trust him and I won’t give up on him. That doesn’t keep me from crying every thirty minutes though.

I am on the slower side when it comes to theories. Usually there’s someone ahead of me turning around and taking me by the hand. In this case it was Celyn and Chitonfya. Thanks a lot to you both. Needed that.

So, why do I still trust him? There were a few things in the story – I watched the whole thing from Celyn’s point of view – that are off.

  • At the very beginning Theron says (if in a relationship) that he would do ANYTHING to protect the player character. Anything as if “betraying to save her/him”?
    • He says “This is bigger than us”, at least in the romance dialogue. So big, he has to protect her/him, even if it means betrayal. Similar to point 1.
  • Troy Baker’s voice acting is once more gorgeous. Theron is as broken as the PC. Especially in the last seconds, after her/his broadcast, when he says “I love you, too. But I can’t.” I didn’t even understand the “But I can’t” and had to repeat that part.
    • Celyn told me that there are those who think that Troy Baker’s voice acting is off. Like… rehearsed. Me thinks, that if Theron plays the double/triple/whatever agent, he would have studied the speech, to not be thrown off by emotions. Doesn’t work to 100% though. Don’t know if the voice acting is different on a non-romance toon. Anyone?
  • He said that he sat the trap on Iokath. I’m not sure if I believe it. I juggle with two possible scenarios.
    • This mysterious “Order” infiltrated the Alliance, set trap. Searching for the traitor, Theron closed in on him/her. That’s how he found out about The Order and this bigger thing. Decides to infiltrate the Order.
    • Or: While Theron closes in on the traitor among the Alliance, this Order guys try to take him out (hacking his implants? among other things?), so he decides to switch sides to get more time/a chance to find out what The Order is exactly and how best to eliminate them.
      Tbh… I’m not sure if he would’ve said “I love you, too. But I can’t.” at the end if his implants were hacked. So that’s a pretty long shot. And The Order made a decission and welcomes him. Sounds more like he kind of applied to the whole thing.
  • While he unmasks himself, there is this point where the PC said something about all the million of people who would die in that war for peace and Theron responds with “If that’s the price for peace, then so be it.” Theron was never one for sacrificing innocents for the greater good.
  • A few more? He…
    • …swapped the amunition of his blaster to non-lethal. Lana was just stunned for a minute, not killed.
    • …conveniently shot the window (Schieß dem Fenster anyone? Who knows where this quote comes from gets an extra cookie) to give you an escape route.
    • …tells you precisely how much time you have till impact.
    • …He activates the force field, so you have to leave through the window, not chasing him, wasting precious minutes to get to safety.
    • …He leaves you most of the crystals and takes just a few to his new ‘masters’.

So, here’s what I think. In one way or another Theron plays the bad guy in order to infiltrate this third, pretty shady, party, which doesn’t only break the heart of romanced PCs, but also his own. He wants to save his love/the galaxy from whatever big thing is coming. And one day he will redeem himself and fight ones again at our side, if we let him. I think player should have the option to jail him, kill him (I mean we could kill Jorgan on a DS toon for just disobeying an order, so it would only be right to have this option on a 100% DS toon (be still my heart)) or exile him.* Next to “Yeah, sure, come back, meet you in the bedroom.” Have I wrote that out loud? Oops.

If anything else… if he doesn’t get redeemed, I will be so royally pissed, I will gather torches and forks and march/swim to Austin myself, if I have to. Until then: I hate you! Don’t you dare! I’ll be watching you! 😉

The End.

Do you have something to add? Something more to ease my/our suffering. Go ahead, comments are open just for you. I love to read what you think/have to say.

Update 1, 27/08/2017: After a conversation with Quinny on Twitter, I withdraw the killing option. I don’t want him to be written out of the story.  Thanks for setting me straight. 🙂
Update 2, 28/08/2017: Kudos for those clues to the swtor player in this thread.

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  1. 11th September 2017

    Always wondered why the traitor seemed to use the same encrypted signal to communicate. I would assume Theron knows, that can be easily tracked.

    • Mel
      11th September 2017

      He wants to be tracked. But not to kill the Outlander, so what’s his game? Luring the Outlander and Lana to Umbara, so they can get their hands on the crystals? *thinking*

  2. Shannon
    6th October 2017

    Personally, Theron is a ‘Walking Dead Man’ , in my Sith Warrior’s mind. No one betrays him , NO ONE. Does not matter that you did it for ‘The Greater Good’ , I’m still pissed that I could hold him by the throat and choke him a bit , but not snap his scrawny, lame ‘Boy Toy’ neck. I”ve not liked the story in SW:TOR ever since the end of Shadow of Revan , do not like where BW is going with SW:TOR still , and only play now simply because I have far too many RP partners , good , loyal, decent RP partners on Ebon Hawk, Begeran Colony, The Progenitor & Harbinger that deserve time & written works to just give up and walk away now. But , if I did not have them , I would have left SW:TOR in disgust soon after Knights of the Fallen Empire launched. Meh, KotFE , Kot ET , Iokath all have left me with a sour, bile filled taste in my mouth and made me wish I could sit down with all the Story Development team at BW and ask them “What the F ??”

    • Mel
      6th October 2017

      It all depends from which point of view your looking at it. I have a SW (full DS) myself and she needs some very (very!) good explanation to let him live. The only reason Quinn is still alive is a) I couldn’t kill him right away during the class story and b) the “time for the traitor to die” after what… About 6+ years… was so poorly written, I couldn’t do it. Meaning, I still need credits for the cell decoration for my SW SH. ^^ But my main is my LS Smuggler Saskaia and she will forgive him, if the writers don’t screw it up. I have little faith in that. *sigh* If they screw it up, I’ll probably forget all story after SoR and send them into early retirement after SoR. KotFE might have been great at the beginning, but it went down from chapter 10 (exception: Profit and Plunder, love that chapter). KotET was mostly just *ugh* And that all the classic comps still aren’t back is barely tolerable. If you include Temple, they brought back 3 companion in a whole year. Seriously? 14 are still out there and didn’t even contact the Outlander after her/his galaxy-wide speech. There is some bad writing going on and I really hope they get it together again before it falls apart completely.

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