Dreamfall Chapters

Part 3 of “The Longest Journey” Saga

Dreamfall Chapters ties in seamless with the 2nd part of the installment. Follow Kian (God, I love him) and Zoë, to save Stark and Arcadia.

So, it’s almost 10 pm here and I just started the Dreamfall Chapters OST to get me in the right mood. It’s time for the third and last part of the TLJ saga: Dreamfall Chapters. I have goosebumps all over my body and tears in my eyes. Finishing this saga earlier this year left me with the feeling of saying goodbye to an old friend and moving on. You’re glad to have met, but you’re also sad to let go.

Dreamfall Chapters was released in 2016 and came out in *drumrolls* chapters. Or books. I’m not really a big fan of this new trend to artificially extending an experience. Boring. And I lose interest pretty quickly. Good thing that all chapters are already released and even The Final Cut Edition, available since July, with some nice extras along the way. Yay! Really. It’s pretty great and I will definitely play it again over the Christmas holidays.

Red Thread Games started with Dreamfall Chapters right where you left in Dreamfall. It’s all still the same, but different. You know this feeling, right? No more combat *cheer*, much better controls *yay* and the voice acting is divine! Okay, they changed the voices of Zoë and Kian, but don’t fret, it’s amazing. They even have a little dialogue for Zoë why her voice sounds different. It’s cute. Red Thread Games did a great job in choosing the new voice actors. Nicholas Boulton as Kian Alvane is amazing! If you think he was good as Hawke, Zevran, Reyes… you’re in for a treat. That plus Kian’s new model… I’m in love. Hopelessly. Pity that he’s gay. No, that is not a spoiler, that is pretty obvious. Well, it was for me.

Again you divide your attention between three characters. You’re already familiar with Zoë and Kian, the new girl in town is Saga, a precious little baby born in the house between worlds. Don’t worry, she doesn’t stay a baby. Every time you ‘visit’ the house she’s grown a bit more. Her actual role in all this is kind of a mystery until the end, but you will get a feeling about her pretty soon. Won’t say more. Because…

Aside from meeting some of the old characters, there are a lot of new ones. Some bad, some good, some “What the fuck?” or “I knew it.” I want to adopt Enu and hug her, put her in some blankets, make her some tea, hug her again. Then there’s Shitbot (or Kidbot, no idea how they decide which one you get) who loves welding very, very, very much. Oh, and Crow. Of course. Because it wouldn’t be The Longest Journey saga without everyone’s favorite crow, right?

Open your heart for this game, the characters, the storytelling, and you will get one of these friends you don’t want to let go ever again. You will cry. You will get this warm, fuzzy feeling in your chest (and stomach). You will love and maybe you will hate. But you’ll never forget it. Or the people of Arcadia.

Thanks again to the kind soul who introduced me to the saga. I will never forget it.

Last words (I’m crying again): Buy it. Play it. Fall in love with it. And share it. With me, your friends, the world. The Longest Journey Saga is a rare gem in the ocean of video games. Don’t miss it.

If you haven’t read it yet, I’ve also written about the prequels The Longest Journey and Dreamfall.

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