• Fanficmaker by Thomas Wrobel and Berine van Hövell, a free generator of the most awful fanfic you've ever read. Probably.

    The Fanficmaker

    You all know these moments when you sit in front of your screen, desperate to find something to do, right? You start a game, only to quit it instantly. Twitter/Tumblr/Facebook is boring and your favorite fanfic author is late with the new chapter. A boring evening is looming over your head. But fear not. I found a means to end boredom. For free. I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking “Dreadful, have you come completely insane? Nothing is for free in this cruel world based on capitalism, made to make the most money out of the misery of people.” And you’re right. But there are little pockets of sunshine, of…